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Sacred Texts, Major Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sacred Texts, Major - Essay ExampleHabel, O'Donoghue, Maddox (1993) say that sacred texts of Islam include the Holy Quran where it holds higher than the primary importance in Islam. The second most important sacred text in Islam is Hadith.Quran holds the highest importance as it is firmly believed that Holy Quran is the word of God and these were the words truly revealed on the last Prophet. Muslim all around the world believe the Holy Quran as the most sacred word of God.Hadith is sacred text that holds an importance secondary to the Holy Quran. Hadith is not just one book in fact this is the compilation of many books representing the sayings of the Last Prophet as well as the sayings of the caliphs in that era including many other followers to Last prophet.Gordon (2002) says that the word Quran in the literal sense means "To recite" when the word is looked out for meanings in Arabic language. The word recite is the first command that was delivered to the Lat Prophet by angel Gabriel. Recitation is the fact strongly associated with the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran not only holds a highest authority in all the religious matters for all the Muslims around the world but Holy Quran has also been holding the first priority for consultation in all legal matters. All Muslims believe firmly that Holy Quran is a complete guide for life which not only has the religious matters and issues complied in one book but also the ways to pas life are also present within the most sacred book. Habel, O'Donoghue, Maddox (1993) discusses that it is resolutely held by all Muslims that Holy Quran is a written word of God which is unblemished thus without any errors being perfect in every sense. It is held that the Holy Quran is a flawless record of all the revelations that had been made by angel Gabriel to the last Prophet. The timeline that has been described in texts for these revelation spans from 610 A.D till 632 A.D. It is said that the length of Quran is approximately the same as Christian New Testament having 114 Surahs. The arrangement of these Surahs is from longest Surah to the shortest Surah. Surahs have been classified as Meccan or Medinan and this depends on the Surah's origin. Message in the Quran is spread by means of some literary frameworks and literary devices. There is Arabic text in Holy Quran which is composed of thematic structures that make the reader recall the message. As the text of Holy Quran is considered to be perfect so many scholars regard the Holy text to be the criteria to teach Arabic language. The literary readers believe that Quran has the most rhymed sequence of Arabic language. Moreover the verses of the Holy Quran reflect directness, intimacy thereby asking the reader the same question as to what will be of value after this life.Functions in communityGordon (2002) says that the Muslim community regards the Holy Quran as the word of God and thereby it is the only reliable word to follow to make the dealings in life. Muslims believe that the sacred word has the solution to every problem in life thereby recitation of the Holy Quran can lead to solutions. All the social and the legal issues are considered to be solved by consulting the Holy Quran. Significant features of Muslim traditionHere in this


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